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3 Main Article Sources of Communication

Communication is the interactive process of developing meaning amongst different entities or individuals through the application of sufficiently relevant verbal, non-verbal, and non-linguistic signals, symbols, and conventions. Communication is a process that occurs between individuals in varying systems like formal, informal, conversational, private, public and international. Communication may be of two types-direct communications or indirect communication. Direct communication takes place with the help of the written or oral communication, whereas indirect communication takes place with the help of the non-verbal communication like body language, facial expression, gesture, and other such signals.

Communication can be categorized into two types: public and private communication. Public communication refers to the manner in which an individual or an organization communes with other individuals or organizations. On the other hand, private communication refers to the manner in which an individual or an organization carries out its internal communication with other individuals or organizations. It has been found that different cultures have different ways of communicating.

There is tremendous communication possibility between individuals who belong to different cultures, religions, nationalities, linguistic groups, educational levels, professions, and even job positions. For instance, it has been seen that women from different countries express differently while speaking, discuss, and write about issues pertaining to family and domestic life. Such discrepancies in verbal communication lead to inaccurate message transmission and hence, inaccurate results in quantitative and qualitative research, social services, and management studies, etc.

In order to avoid misinterpretation of messages by different individuals, communication requires effective skills in verbal and nonverbal communication. The first skill is being able to understand one’s own and other people’s reactions. Thus, a person should be well familiar with his or her body language and vocal indications. By understanding and properly using the nonverbal communication, a person can communicate effectively with others. Some of the common methods used for nonverbal communication are body gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, obeying directions, responding to colleagues and subordinates, using appropriate words and tone of voice, responding to and accepting challenges, making and keeping relationships with others, etc.

The concept of interpersonal communication was developed to include all the various types of communication involved in interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal communication refers to the way in which people relate to each other based on similarities and differences. In fact, there is an inherent reciprocity between people who understand and appreciate each other’s value and those who do not. The concept of communication has been derived from the social sciences including psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc. One of the most prominent concepts in the study of communication is that of semiotics, which refers to the study of meaning in communication.

Good communication skills are important in building effective working relationships. It is important to understand what these relationships are based on. Interpersonal communication is generally built on the basis of different types of communication tools. Some of these tools include emails, text messaging, phone calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, voice mail, and the list goes on.

One of the tools that people use in interpersonal communications is writing and reading. However, when you communicate with people across different countries you cannot just write down your ideas and thoughts in your head and then shoot it over to someone else’s email inbox or text message device. You need to take note of the things that are said and written so as to be able to respond effectively. For instance, if a person from another country asks you for clarification on a certain topic you should be able to give them a good idea about the matter without having to wait for a reply from them. There are a lot of other examples where effective communication is concerned.

This brings us to one of the main article focuses in this communication article; effective communication noise is caused by the various sources of communication that exist in this day and age. The main article focuses on the three main sources of communication that people use today. It also talks about the importance of using effective communication techniques even in situations that do not require it. Effective communication means that you are able to interact with other people well. Moreover, it also means that you are able to maintain a good working relationship with them.

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