Exam Help Online Take My Exam Can’t Sure If You’re Going To Get A Real Estate License?

Can’t Sure If You’re Going To Get A Real Estate License?

“Can’t ever sure you‘re going to get a real estate license?” is a question I hear quite often from my clients. In my experience, if you ask the right questions and make an effort to do your homework, it can be done. Real estate licensing in Ohio is no different. You’ll want to know what you’re getting into before you get started.

If you live in Ohio, you may have to get a Real Estate License (RI) in order to buy, rent or sell a house or property in Ohio. There are different levels of licenses you can get depending on your location, education and experience. As you may know, there are also different licensing requirements in terms of completion of an education program, completion of a training or education program and passing an examination. To help you learn more about what you need to know if you’re thinking about getting a license in Ohio, here are some resources you can use:

Ohio Department of Commerce and Community Development (OHCDD) – Find out the requirements for Real Estate licensing in Ohio. On the web site, you can search state requirements, contact OHCDD at (614) 673-6100 or visit their website. They provide links to various forms that must be completed and to information about qualifying for a license. If you don’t find that site’s homepage, try using the Yahoo or Google search engines to find real estate licensing requirements in Ohio.

University Education Institute – If you live in Ohio, you can obtain your Associates Degree from The University Education Institute (UEI). This university offers two professional degree programs that are focused on real estate management. One of the programs is geared towards those wanting a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and the other is geared towards those wanting an Associate of Arts in Real Estate. Both of these programs will take about two years to complete. However, the program requirements are not very rigid and there is a possibility for you to double up on credits.

University of Cincinnati – You can get a Masters of Business Administration or MBA from the University of Cincinnati. It is home to the prestigious Hummel College of Business. The BS in Business Administration program is comprised of a minimum of nine months of full time study and there is a requirement of a passing score on the Professional Services Examination from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is also a heavy focus on accounting, finance and real estate administration within this business educational program.

Northeast Ohio University – If you live in Ohio, you can get your Bachelor’s degree from Northeast Ohio University. Their bachelor’s degree programs are very good and can get you in a management position with ease. If you already have an associate’s degree, it can help you go on to get your Bachelor’s in Education in about three years.

ITT Technical Institute – There is an online program at ITT Tech Institute that will allow you to obtain your Associate’s of Arts in Real Estate while you work. The program will give you hands on experience as a real estate agent and will train you on the latest technology. Once you graduate, you can apply for licensing to become a real estate broker in Ohio. The requirements are a high school diploma or GED and an application with the Ohio Department of Licensing and Insurance. This is one of the better schools to send your son or daughter to if they want to get a real estate license in Ohio.

There are other programs that you can take if you really want to become successful in the real estate world. The key is to make sure that your education is tops in order to get the job you want. You can never be too sure as long as you have the right foundation. Whether you are sending your child to OSU to get a Bachelor of Science in Business or even getting an Associate’s of Arts in Business, you can never be sure as long as you have the right foundation for success.

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