Exam Help Online Exam Taking Services How Can I Know My Name? – Some Simple Methods of Assessing Your Personal Identity

How Can I Know My Name? – Some Simple Methods of Assessing Your Personal Identity

How can I know my name? This is a very common question, especially among new Ph.D candidates in their campus. Here are some ways on how you can examine your name and find out the identity of the examinee behind the name.

The first step is to check if you are using your right name in your email address (for instance your professors’ name or your classmates’ name). If you are, then you may proceed with this step. Usually, university email accounts are case sensitive. So if you examine your professors’ name, you will not be able to access his/her email account. So it is better to check on your name before sending emails to your classmates and research associates.

If you are not using your right name but you still have an account with the university, the safest way to check is to call the university. Contact the human resources department or admission office of your university. They usually can give you your verified mail address and contact number for your academic records. They can also give you your name verification code which you will use to register with your online school. This helps you to avoid mixing up your name with that of your classmates who got their names registered under your name.

Another reliable source of information is the Electronic Directory Project (EDP). EDP maintains a large database of universities, colleges and research institutions. Each institute has its own website where they provide contact and faculty background information. You can also go to their institutional website and check the list of examinees in your campus. You can easily search for your examinee based on his/her name and location.

You can also try to use your network friends, classmates and professors who have gone to the same university as you. Ask them for their contact details so as to ask them how you can find your examinee’s name. Usually, it is enough to just ask a few people whom you know. After all, it is the easiest way of asking somebody.

If none of the above methods worked, you can check the National Postsecondary School Admissions Center (NPSAC) website. NPSAC is the central clearing house for postsecondary schools. Their database is very extensive and contains details of every college, institution and university. They provide contact information for every member of their staff including the directors, principals and senior officials of the institution. You can also get more information about the course of the education provided by the institution and how many years the students have been enrolled in the program.

If you still get no good answer from these methods, you may want to turn to the Internet. One of the best ways of how can I know my name is to check the social networking sites. Try searching using your main social network like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. If you have an account with any of these sites, you will be able to check your email address or your user name anytime you want. By simply typing your user name in the search box and clicking on the ‘search now’ button, you will be able to see other users in your network and learn their names.

Apart from checking your email or MySpace account, you may also want to look at your resume. When you have already sent out your application to numerous companies, it is a good idea to give your profile a final update. The best way of how can I know my name is by finding the right answer to your question.

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