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Is My Freedom of Action

The trend of taking college classes geared towards global thinking seems to be taking hold as more universities, colleges and a number of vocational schools participate in the Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing initiative. The initiative was started with the intent of fostering global innovation at the undergraduate level. In this day and age it is hard to ignore the advances being made by companies all over the world. A recent article in Harvard Business Review highlighted some of the “smart decisions” that companies have been making when it comes to innovation and crowdsourcing. On one hand we can look at examples such as Google, Amazon and Facebook which all have a strong presence on the internet. On the other hand we can also take a look at examples such as IBM, Apple and Pepsi which have taken on the approach of crowdsourcing for their products.

There is no doubt that the trend of engagement into innovation and crowdsourcing will continue to grow. The question is whether or not colleges can take part and whether or not the curriculum and coursework that they are developing are up to the task. Is globalization a powerful phenomenon or can it be contained? Will we ever see a return to the more traditional forms of higher education and will our students be always content with completing a generalist degree? The answers to these questions are important for those who want to take my globalization course.

Globalization and the associated phenomenon of transnational businesses have occurred on a very large scale. We live in a time where nations are competing with one another to attract new businesses and consumers based upon the fact that they have different cultures, practices and markets. With all the advantages of globalization there have also come some disadvantages. One of these is the ability of certain countries to take my freedom of action. A prime example of this is the European Union’s attempts to limit the free movement of labor within its borders.

In order to take my freedom of action, which entails the freedom to innovate, we must be able to innovate or we will die. Universities have recognized the need to engage with open innovation and crowdsourcing. The initiative was taken by a group of researchers led by Jaikumar Nagar, who recently received his doctorate from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Dr. Nagar’s research focuses on the impact of intellectual property on the Open Access Policy of the World Trade Organization.

The Open Access Policy was designed to protect proprietary information. If this policy is made to apply to all knowledge then how can we claim that openness is a benefit? Dr. Nagar believes that by rethinking the way that we do open innovation we can take my freedom of action. His research into crowdsourcing suggests that there is a possibility to apply this type of social innovation to higher education and government research. It has already been established that social scientists are highly creative and open minded. This would mean that we can use crowdsourcing to pool our ideas together for the benefit of humanity.

There is no reason for societies and nations to not apply the principles of open innovation when it comes to education and scientific research. There is also no reason for students and teachers not to collaborate with one another. This collaboration does not happen automatically however. We need to take an initiative for this to happen. I believe that it is in the best interests of the human race that we take my freedom of action seriously. The time is now to put this freedom to work for all of humanity.

It is my belief that education, science and research should be free for the public to access so that they can develop new ideas and technologies. It is my belief that the knowledge of all of us should be free for the benefit of our future generations. I also think that governments have an interest in encouraging innovation because it allows them to tax the population to fund the research and education projects that they have. I also strongly believe that it is a good idea for businesses to participate in these research and development initiatives as well.

In conclusion, I ask you what you think about my freedom of action. Is it something that might be beneficial to society? If so, what are your thoughts on this matter? If you take action, you take my freedom of action. The more that we take part in these types of initiatives, the more we will benefit from them in the long run.

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