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My Global Intlersion Program in Israel, Turkey

Awards – My Global Intensive is one of the best and the most popular university entrance exams in the world. It was also recently awarded with the “Best University Entry Examination” designation at prestigious Amsterdam University. The global university exam is a computer-based test, which will enable potential university students around the world to take my global immersion program and my university exam, while having fun, engaging in real-life situations, and improving their global skills in all areas of study including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. A university entrance exam can be a stressful and nerve wrecking time, but with the help of my Global Intensive it will not be.

Test Study – The coursework for this test is broken up into several manageable modules which cover all the major areas of the course. There are five main modules and each module has multiple practice tests and an official test which must be taken before the final exam. These tests are nationally acclaimed so they provide a strong practice test and the confidence that one needs to ace the exam. The test-taking guide covers all the areas in detail and shows exactly what to expect during each section.

Test Results – On successful completion of the course there will be a comprehensive set of study materials that will aid you to ace the test. These include test sample papers, mock exams, practice tests, worksheets and interactive exercises. All these material will help you to ace your exam and get the high grades that you need to secure admittance into a top notch university. Students who successfully complete my global language arts course have been able to receive offers to study abroad in Israel, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This makes this program ideal for international students who seek to enhance their English and communication skills by attending a prestigious university.

Tuition Fee and Language Translation Fees – The cost of this program is slightly higher than most language courses offered by UK universities. But the rewards are much greater. It not only allows international students to learn a foreign language, it also gives them access to cultural exposure at its best. Israel and the beautiful country of Turkey are just two of the many destinations that you will visit during your stay in Jerusalem. During your free time, you can tour historic sites and enjoy the pleasures of the great hospitality of the people of these two countries. Your accommodation in Jerusalem will be fully furnished and you will be provided with a safe and sound living quarters.

How to Study – For those of you who have never studied abroad, you will be pleased to know that you have the opportunity to choose between the three methods of study offered by the developer to take my global. You can follow the route of the traditional language courses where you get trained using a set of textbooks. The cost of these is expensive but you will be studying at the topmost level. Alternatively, you can opt for the method which is known as distance learning. Here, you will be guided through the process of interactive real-time video and audio interaction with an experienced teacher who will guide you through the process of comprehension.

Where to Travel – Students who take my global are not limited to the Middle East. They can choose to travel all over the world. Students can choose to study in France, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Germany, India, Russia, Latin America, Poland and Turkey. Each of these nations offers its own local flavor and there are many opportunities for international students to make new friends and experience a variety of cultures. As a matter of fact, the only countries in which you will need to take a passport and spend some time in legal contemplation for your US visa are Cyprus and Israel.

Where to Stay – Many of the students participating in My Global immersion programs stay in one of the many world class hotels located all over the region. They offer spectacular views of the local landscape. They provide the students with access to local stores and entertainment centers. Some of the hotels even have restaurants serving local and fast food. They also provide cable TV and internet access. You will find all these facilities and more right at your hotel room.

The great thing about My Global is that it gives the participants flexibility when it comes to their schedule. This program offers flexible classes which mean that the students can move at their own speed. This way, they will be able to learn their new languages at their own pace. My Global also offers customized support which means that you can get the personalized support you need to effectively and efficiently complete the program. These are just a few of the advantages of taking an international class when you take my global immersion program in Israel turkey.

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