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Philosophy and the Global Economy Quiz

It used to be a simple enough question back in the 1970s; “In what ways can I develop my personal growth in the developing world?” Back then, I was a student in South Korea studying abroad. During my monthly visit home to teach English, I would do the usual thing and answer questions for friends and family back home; “what is your personal growth in the developing world?” Of course, they would all give me different answers. One friend said that he was very worried about the poor people in the developing world, and that he wanted to go and help them with his business; another said he wanted to help empower women in the developing world.

Back then, as I sat there with my friends, I had a much more positive attitude towards the whole thing. I didn’t really see the poor people as having a “destiny” or a “way” of life. They were just people who happened to be born in that particular part of the world. When I took my annual University examination, I was determined to answer the questions truthfully and honestly. I felt that I should be able to show the world that I had grown up in a way that would allow me to answer these questions and show others the kind of life I led. The global economy quiz for me was something that I needed to do so that I could feel as though I was doing my part to help out the developing world.

The following year, the University offered me another opportunity to take a global economics and development quiz. This time, I wanted to make it count. I wasn’t going to be taking it again this semester, but I wanted to earn some extra money so I thought I might give it a shot. Here is what I learned about my own personal economic development and how I could apply that knowledge to helping others with theirs.

The first question on the quiz concerned how I viewed economic development. I was very confused because I didn’t really see anything wrong. The world was growing and I was happy for that. The problem was that the people in the developing world didn’t see that the economy was growing at all. That was something that I had to learn because I believed that if I could bring the people with me where the growth was happening, then I would be helping them. It never occurred to me that they wouldn’t like the same old way of thinking.

There are two ways to approach the question “What do you think about the future of the developing world and the global economy?” Those who want to be optimistic and think positively about the future while those who think that things are going to stay the same will have to answer the question with different words. Unfortunately, there is no universal language that can be used to describe what everyone thinks. The problem was that there were so many people who were pessimistic about the future that there was no middle ground. It was like one group believes that the economic development is going to be bad while another feels that it will be great.

One of the ways to approach the question “What do you think about the future of the developing world and the global economy?” is to look at it realistically as a problem that has to be solved. Once you have identified the problems, you then have to come up with a strategy for solving them. That means coming up with specific steps that should be taken in order to improve economic development in the developing countries. For example, if there are poor women who cannot get an education and do not have the financial resources to undergo training to go to college, then the first step that could be taken is to provide financial aid.

If money is tight, then you might want to consider micro-enterprise loans and business grants. There are a lot of organizations and government agencies that offer these types of financing. Another way to approach this question is to look at it from a more philosophical point of view. If you think that philosophy is important, then you might want to study the works of thinkers like Sen. Paulson and Milton Roth. They argue that philosophies can sometimes have a role in how the development takes place.

It is true that poverty is something that should be combated. However, it is also true that things like education, health care and infrastructure will make a difference. If you are serious about taking my growth in the developing world and the global economy quiz for me to help improve your life and the lives of others, then you should seriously consider trying to understand what philosophy has to do with the development. You may find that there are many philosophical debates going on between different people, but all of them are focused on trying to solve some very important problems. By studying such books, you may just be able to gain some insights on the matter.

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