Reasons That You Should Not Be Worrying About My Real Estate License Expiring

Just recently, I just noticed my real estate license has expired. Now this is quite serious, as at this moment my realty license is in the process of being renewed. And now that I just noticed it, I really need to take some time and make a decision about my next step. Here are the two most important considerations that I need to take into account:

My current agent just informed me that my license will not be renewed until April of next year, which means that I have just over one month to get it renewed. Now that I just noticed it, I really need to take a few minutes and figure out my next move. First of all, I need to find out what my next step should be? Should I call my agent and ask her to find me another agent so that I can continue to work?

Or, should I just wait until April first? The reason why I need to take some time and consider my options is because the economy has just recently turned around and people have lost their jobs. This means that the real estate market in California right now is at a time when prices are already starting to rise. If I just hold on until April, then I will end up having to pay much higher real estate costs.

So now that I just noticed my license has expired, I need to find out what my next step should be? One option is for me to just take my real estate licensing test again. Now this is a valid option as long as I pass the exam with flying colors. However, there are a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t take this option:

The first reason why I shouldn’t consider taking the exam again is because it won’t do anything for me. Since my license has expired, this means that I am no longer qualified to sit for the California real estate licensing exam. I’m not being fair by telling myself that I can just get another license to pretend like I’m still licensed. The only way for this option to work is if someone puts a fake license on me, so I don’t even know that my license has expired.

The second reason why I shouldn’t consider renewing my license is because once my license expires, then I automatically lose my certificate of completion. If I were to enroll in an online program, then I would have to go through all of this trouble just to get my license renewed. Plus, who really wants to deal with all of this? If I wanted to, I could take a couple of classes online and forget about it for a few months. But I don’t want to hassle people like that and I certainly don’t want to waste my time.

Finally, I shouldn’t waste my time worrying about this because the expiration of your license means absolutely nothing to you. Once you realize that you don’t have a license to sell real estate in California anymore, you’re just going to go back to where you came from. That’s not going to help me. Instead of spending my time worrying about this, I should be spending my time focusing on things that will help me succeed. I’ve been trying to make my life better and I know that if I continue doing what I’m doing now, I will have a great life. The better life that I do have right now isn’t going to happen if I waste my time worrying about whether or not my license to sell will ever expire.

So there you have it. Now that you understand the reasons that you shouldn’t consider renewing your license to sell real estate in California, you can stop wasting your time worrying about whether your license will ever expire. You can get busy doing the things that are important to you. If you’re truly interested in succeeding in real estate investing, then you will find other ways to ensure that you get the success that you desire.

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