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Should I Take the AP Lit Exam in College?

I’m asked every day whether I should take the AP Lit exam or not. I used to tell them that I’d be fine taking it, only that I was still a student and therefore could be excused not to. That didn’t go over very well. In fact, I was once in the office of the vice president at my college, and he made me take the test. After I had completed it, he said to me that he would fire me from his job if I couldn’t write a five hundred word paper on the subject.

I took the test and did quite well, although I admit that I got a little confused at times. I think that it is a great test because it gets you prepared for college life in the same way that a high school education does. It forces you to be responsible, organized, and demonstrate your ability to read and comprehend. You also learn a lot about yourself, and I believe these things are extremely valuable for a successful college career.

So should you take it? There are many reasons why you should, but I’ll just give you one. If you’re interested in going into business after graduating from college, then it’s essential that you take the test and get certified by the American Society for Testing and Licensing board (ASTL). This is important for jobs such as financial analysts and insurance agents, just to name a few. Even entry level positions in many businesses are required to have this certification.

So why shouldn’t you take the test? In my opinion, it shouldn’t cost you any money. It is provided free through a fee-based course that can be taken online from home. In addition, there are no tests that need to be taken before you become certified. And best of all, you have access to great preparation material that will help you to ace the examination.

So what exactly will you learn? The main material covered in the course is how to prepare for the actual AP Lit Test. You’ll learn various topics such as sample test questions, what type of response you should expect from the examiner, and much more. I’ve found that most students fail the test because they don’t have enough practice. But if you’re prepared, then you’ll do well.

Additionally, in order to succeed on the test, you must keep in mind certain basic strategies that should be used no matter where you’re taking the test. For example, the exam is typically administered while you’re in a class, so you should make sure to study ahead of time. You’ll want to get some good study guides that cover AP topics so that you can get the material down pat.

Finally, I highly recommend you take advantage of free review resources available on the Internet. These review materials can show you the format, types of questions, and even give you tips and tricks that will help you succeed when you take the real test. As you may know, the scores you receive on the AP Lit test are based solely on your comprehension and retention of the material. This means that if you can’t easily answer a question about one sentence, you’ll likely receive a failing grade.

If you think you have what it takes, take the AP Lit Exam today. It’s not easy, but it is a test that has the potential to propel you into the college of your dreams. But it all starts with your success from the start. So begin practicing now.

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