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Should You Pay Someone To Take My Online CPA Exam?

Is it possible to get paid to take my online CPA Exam? The answer is a resounding yes. Now, that many of the bells and whistles of the CPA Exam have been standard equipment on the internet for over a decade, some unscrupulous companies are starting to offer the exam and questions in return for a fee. Is this a real deal?

Of course not. Anyone who tells you that they can guarantee you success on the exam or guarantee you access to any secret tips or study guides is most probably a scammer. Just because the company wants something back doesn’t mean they’re being honest. Any reputable company will tell you their terms and conditions before you agree to take the test or get any information from them.

So, if someone is telling you they can guarantee you access to all the secrets and strategies of CPA Exam experts and that they will show you how to get an edge over your fellow students on the online test by giving you a free copy of their latest book or video series doesn’t make any sense. And even if it did, why would they offer that kind of thing to you if you’re already taking the test to improve your skills? It’s not for you! If someone is offering you a way to get paid to take my exam, it means they’re hoping you’ll give them permission to take the tests for you.

And remember – there are no guarantees. You may not find the exact secrets you’re looking for or you might not get all the tips and advice you were hoping for. However, if you do your research and find the best online CPA preparation courses, you should have a much higher success rate than if you tried to prepare on your own. Preparing with an online CPA course is just as good as doing it the traditional way, but the tools and advice you receive are much more tailored to what you need.

When I first decided to take the CPA Exam, I spent about six months studying online and practicing. That was fine for me at the time, but if you’re used to studying in a group atmosphere with a tutor and fellow students, you’re probably ready for a change. You can be given access to study guides and eBooks and other material by becoming an affiliate for a CPA Network. While the cost is a nominal one-time payment, you will be helping others in the same situation and getting valuable experience for free.

You might be thinking, “If I’m going to spend six months studying, why not take a practice test?” Well, having a test when you’re about to appear on a live exam is a different situation. You must be able to pass the test and be prepared to show your questions and demonstrate your knowledge before the question and answer portion of the test comes up. That means you must practice. And there’s no way around that. However, taking a practice test is a great way to learn some skills before you even have to sit for the real thing.

And don’t forget, this isn’t just for those of us who want to be able to pass the test. There are also those who are interested in simply passing so they can get their license without taking the entire test. In that case, you might consider taking the practice exams until you’re confident in yourself and in your abilities. In fact, if you’re feeling under confident and unsure about your abilities, taking a practice exam is a great way to rebuild your confidence and get you started toward the CPA exam you’ve always dreamed of taking.

My honest opinion? Take the CPA exam, but pay someone to take an online CPA Exam. It just makes sense!

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