Take My Global Markets and Other Human Rights Abuses

If you are seriously considering taking my global markets quiz, congratulations on your interest. It is one of the most popular questions that I receive on various Internet websites and blog areas where global economics and business are discussed. My question for you is this; why would a person take my Global Markets quiz if they don’t care about human rights? This article briefly goes into the basics of why a person would take my quiz and what it has to offer them.

Human rights are one of the cornerstones of free societies around the world. Economic growth is good for all of us, but not when it comes at the expense of human rights. The promotion of economic growth throughout the world is a worthy goal, but without defending human rights and the freedoms that are our birthright, the process will only cause more abuse and violations of those rights. Economic growth is obviously necessary for the continuation of human civilization, but without the protection of individual freedoms and rights of minorities, there will be no economic growth, and therefore no improvement in the lot of people.

So, what does it mean to take my global markets quiz and protect human rights? Take my quiz and learn that the promotion of economic growth should not come at the expense of human rights. There are many policies that promote economic growth all over the world today, but they do not promote human rights. Policies such as these are called free trade measures, but they actually work against human rights.

Policies such as these end up empowering some groups over others in society. They end up denying some people their access to resources and other basic things that they need in life. In addition, they deny people the right to develop economic policies that actually benefit them. When you take my quiz, you will realize that the promotion of economic growth is not the answer.

Policies that promote economic freedom and development are essential if we are to have a decent existence. Without development, human rights are simply meaningless. Those who suffer in poverty due to government policies are unable to improve their lives. However, when those who can take advantage of economic freedom and pursue it with vigor succeed, their circumstances improve, and they enjoy a much better life.

One example is that of the people in Burma. The military junta forcibly evicted many residents of the ethnic minority Karen and Kachin communities from the cities and rural areas and made them live in camps where they were subjected to harsh treatment. The United Nations has had a very limited influence on this country, because it is not considered a priority for them. Yet, if those in Burma who seek economic freedom and promotion of human rights would band together and work for the advancement of their rights, perhaps they might be able to take over the junta and change the policies that they have implemented.

In some cases, development means more basic needs are being met. The needs for basic amenities such as clean water and adequate health care are often neglected. A lack of infrastructure makes it difficult for the poor to access modern medical technology. Even when these necessities are met, families are still typically struggling to make ends meet. If the number of hungry people getting food abroad were reduced, this would have a positive impact on reducing poverty.

Indeed, everyone should support those who seek economic freedom and development, because it will result in a more stable and less likely to violent world. It is important to note that when the rights of those in other parts of the world come under attack, it usually emanates from oppressive regimes that want to keep power. Yet, if the people who wish to develop a more prosperous existence in the global market are unopposed by powerful interests, they have the ability to do so. In fact, the more support they receive, the more they will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that the internet provides.

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