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Take My Innovative Entrepreneurship Promos

Promoting your innovative entrepreneurship through contests and promos is the best way to grow your entrepreneurial spirit. If you are in this business as a side job, it can be even more rewarding promoting your innovative ideas and inventions in this contest or promo. When I started out in this business, I entered into a couple of contests and made some good money out of them. It also allowed me to hone my promotional skills. Here are some of the ways on how you can go about marketing your innovative ideas and inventions with contests and promos.

Promote contests and promos by using social media. My first experience of promoting contests and promos was through a very popular blog I have read and loved called the Smart Debt Warrior. The blog is run by two guys named Jeremy Karp and Mike Dillard. They have an amazing blog that I recommend for anyone who is interested with network marketing and creative entrepreneurship. They discuss a lot of different topics about creative entrepreneurship such as networking, marketing, and branding.

Put some videos together about your promos and contests. Videos are a great way to explain the benefits and purpose of the promos you are running. You should put your video on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, etc. People will be able to see and appreciate what you have to offer. You also need to make sure that you take good pictures – shots from all angles are very important when showcasing your product.

Take pictures of people. Make sure that your picture is taken from every angle possible – don’t just click a shot of you looking at a certain item. Take pictures of people, and then show them a screen capture of the screen while you are talking.

Promote your event in social networking sites such as FaceBook. On your homepage or blog, promote your upcoming promos or contests. You can invite people to like your page on Facebook and twitter by sending them a private message or leaving a comment on your blog post.

Make your pitch as personal as possible. Explain to people how they can benefit from doing the things you are offering them. If you are not comfortable with your pitch in person, write it down – do not forget to take a printout.

Send out press releases to local newspapers and magazines. Tell them about your event. This way, if people have the chance, they will print out your story. It’s really simple – just tell them about the opportunity and the benefits people will get.

You can also send flyers to corporations, businesses, and households in your community. Ask them to forward the materials to their customers. You can even include a call to action. For example, if you are doing a promo for an electronics company, ask them if they will send out a brochure or a flyer of their latest products. That way, when someone takes your flyer, they will know that they are in luck – they have received a discount on the latest electronic gadget.

Put together some fun activities or contests. People love contests. You can set up contests in a variety of ways – just think of ways to generate excitement among your target audience. The more fun you make the promo, the more people will want to participate.

Consider partnering up with other like-minded individuals. Work with local business owners, venture capitalists, or other professionals in your community. Find a mutually beneficial arrangement where both parties can mutually benefit from the venture. You can take advantage of their expertise by presenting your ideas to them.

Take advantage of blogs and online discussion forums. Blogs and discussion forums are excellent platforms for disseminating information. They provide a venue for you to interact with people who are interested in your promo. In fact, a good discussion forum can drive a lot of traffic to your site – which is the whole point! Find people to chat with in your community and exchange ideas – you can create a close relationship with people who enjoy being engaged with community discussions on a regular basis.

Another idea for your take my innovative entrepreneurship promos is to create a corporate identity for your company. Have a unique logo that incorporates your logo as well as that of your customer base. This will help customers identify with your brand. Take the time to have a professional design created for your company, so it will be memorable for years to come. Remember, these promos are not for the rich – they are for everyone who wants to take part in a new venture that will grow and prosper.

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