Take My Money and Modern Capitalism

In his book, Take My Money and Modern Capitalism, the late Ronald Reaganite, businessman and former ambassador to China John Taylor presents his take on the current economic crisis. The title itself may invoke a conspiracy theory, but Taylor goes so far as to label modern capitalism, or at least the current form of it, “a scam.” His reason for this is quite simple. He argues that if the promises of socialism are ever made they will never be fulfilled. “The only thing society can offer that can’t be taxed is free money,” he writes. It’s an interesting comment, one I won’t try to re-hash in this article, but will note for those who might be considering this: You can’t have both.

Indeed, I would like to take this argument even further. If you believe in socialism or believe in planning as opposed to laissez faire, then perhaps you should not take my money and modern capitalism. It would follow, of course, that you believe in planning and free markets, but realize that the former failed to deliver for the socialist planners. Perhaps this is why, as the Chinese proverb reminds us, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

If you are planning on investing in the stock market, then there are plenty of things you can do besides take my money and modern capitalism. First, understand that markets are not a zero sum game. You don’t necessarily want everyone to invest in the same stock. That would reduce liquidity. A small group of investors can really create a windfall for themselves. By understanding this, you may be able to invest without taking someone else’s sweat and tears.

Second, realize that although markets can fail – and they always will, no matter how well planned they are – you don’t need to let that fact deter your wealth creation efforts. Instead, use the market to create wealth for you and your family. Don’t worry that markets will inevitably “recycle” or otherwise return to their previous values once again. In fact, markets have historically performed extremely well, and they show no sign of declining whatsoever.

Third, in addition to learning about the stock market, study investment strategies, and consider other options for wealth creation, consider taking money management classes. There are many excellent programs available today, especially on the internet. Many are accessible through home study courses. You can also enroll in an actual classroom course for a few hundred dollars, if that is easier on your budget. This is a good idea for people who really do not know how to take my money and modern capitalism, but who also happen to have a lot of time on their hands.

Finally, one final suggestion: don’t ignore real estate and the stock market when you decide to take my money and modern capitalism. Both are excellent vehicles for building wealth for your future. If you happen to be particularly talented in the area of real estate development, you could pick up many desirable jobs by working at various development projects. If the market continues to “recycle” after your initial investment, those jobs will always be available and paying.

Those are just three suggestions to think about as you consider taking my money and modern capitalism. Before you decide, make sure to consider all of the positive aspects of taking capital risks and making investments with real estate and the stock market. Then take some time to educate yourself in all of the other safe and sound money making suggestions.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid of taking risks and exploring new opportunities when it comes to wealth building. Just because we have been taught to “follow the money,” doesn’t mean you should ignore all of the other alternatives. You can take my money and modern capitalism! Just make sure to do your homework and understand all of the positive aspects of these ideas before you invest. Good luck!