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Take My Top 10 Trends in Social Innovation

What are the top 10 trends in social innovation today? It’s a question that students may ask themselves when they take my University Examination. The purpose of this quiz is simple; it gives students a peek at some of the trends that are occurring in the social and business world today. The quiz also shows some of the obstacles that students will face on their way to becoming an innovator and practitioner of social innovation.

Take my quiz to see what some of the top trends in social and business innovation are. First, there are the trends that are occurring in business innovation. Some of the trends are good, while others have negative effects. Some of the trends are driving innovation, but not all of them. Take a look at the trends in business that can help you be an innovator.

The first trend I am seeing is marketing efforts using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. to interact with clients and prospects. Facebook recently launched groups for businesses, which allows businesses to create groups of people who connect with them. In fact, Facebook has claimed, “Many of its advertisers are now posting videos on Facebook directly, in addition to posting text-based ads”. These videos are often referred to as “audio ads”. This form of advertisement has proved to be incredibly useful for businesses that want to reach out to potential clients and customers.

The second trend I am seeing has to do with marketing efforts that utilize videos. Companies have uploaded videos onto YouTube and Vimeo to share information about their products, services, and blogs. They have also created short video podcasts. These are often sent to blog subscribers, or available for download from the website. Many individuals have enjoyed watching these videos. As a result, the amount of traffic to company websites that include videos has increased.

The third trend is in online video marketing. A relatively new market, marketers have discovered that creating and airing promotional videos help them attract large amounts of online traffic. Some marketers use this video format to offer advice to viewers. Others have posted short advertising clips that discuss various products and services. Still others have advertised promotional videos that engage customers with a product demonstration or review.

The fourth trend has to do with product launches. In today’s society, it is often difficult for consumers to travel to a store to test a new product or service. However, companies have the ability to launch a short video clip introducing the new product or service. Typically, marketers will record the launching event using a mobile camera and then edit the video to add comedy or humor. Viewers can then share this video clip via Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and other social networking sites.

The fifth trend that marketers need to pay attention to is in social media. The Internet is filled with social networking sites, each designed to promote different interests. When a consumer uses a social site to find information about a particular topic, marketers should create a video that uses this site to promote their product or service. Videos can be created using PowerPoint or Easy Tube. They can also be made using popular video production tools like Camtasia. The goal is to create a video that encourages people to talk about the subject matter of the marketing message.

Take My Top 10 Trends in Social Innovation by connecting the dots between five of the most important trends currently shaping the direction of marketing. These trends are social video, social media, online videos, viral video and blogs. By making a video for each one of these trends, marketers will be able to tap into the power of the online community. By combining these trends with a solid plan for online marketing, a business can reach the next plateau in its development.

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