When Can You Take the LMSW Exam?

If you are someone who plans to take the LMSW examination, you probably understand the importance of preparing before taking the actual test. Studying and practicing beforehand can increase your chances of passing the test and receiving your certification. However, if you are not quite sure what to expect when you go to take the actual test, you will need some assistance. When you consult with a licensed LMSW instructor, you can receive all of the preparation and guidance you need to pass the test and receive your certificate from The Modern Language Association (MLSW).

When can you take the LMSW test? The LMSW exams are administered periodically throughout the year, usually in January or April. This is usually held in your local area. You can either take the test online through a computer or paper test, or through mailed paper. If you decide to take the exam online through a computer test, you will probably have a book that you need to read before going to take the actual test.

Before taking the test in person, you should contact the nearest LMSW testing center. The LMSW recommends that you take at least six months before you plan to take the test. You should also contact the test center about any changes in your mailing address or other contact information. The LMSW exam can only be taken at the location where you received the written test, so you will not be able to take it at a location that you have not received your mailed test from. You can also not take the test online, from an email address that you do not own or from a P.O. box that is not valid.

What type of training should you use to prepare for the LMSW exam? Most professional LMSW instructors recommend that students use a computer-based test study program. These types of programs allow you to learn how to write the LMSW questions in an online manner. The test-taking portion is usually the same, but students can work through the questions in their order of preference at any time during the study session. Students can access practice tests from the test study program at anytime. Some programs are available in a classroom setting, but most are designed to be used online.

How long will it take you to take the LMSW online test? The entire examination typically takes about two hours, including a break. In some cases, the test can take longer due to a few factors such as scheduling conflicts. If you are taking the test at a time when you normally have some free time, you may want to review the material a few days prior to taking the exam. Reviewing ahead of time allows you to review the material and gain extra study time before taking the actual test.

Can you take the LMSW online test with a friend? You and your friend can purchase a practice test that helps you prepare for the LMSW exam but taking the test alone is still not recommended. Taking the exam alone is not only time-consuming, but it also allows students to relax and think more clearly instead of focusing on each question in detail. There is no substitute for practice.

How much does it cost to take the LMSW exam? The LMSW exam is offered in two different versions. The first exam, commonly known as the Professional Responsibility Examination, is available to those who have taken previous licensing courses and pass a background and criminal record check. The second, known as the National Licensing Examination, is open to those who have never taken a licensing course. Both versions cost less than fifty dollars to take. Students may be required to take an approved study guide as well.

What computer and Internet connection are you using when you try and take the LMSW exam? When taking the LMSW exam online, you will be required to have a computer that meets certain requirements. The main requirements are that it must be Windows Vista or Windows 7 compatible; it should be equipped with at least a six-core processor; it should be faster than a netbook or lap top; and it should have at least 1 GB of memory. If you are going to take the test on your home computer, make sure you have a reliable Internet connection. Wireless and mobile broadband connections may be acceptable, but have the option of connecting to the Internet through a cell phone signal is not.