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Why I Should Not Wear Contacts During My Eye Exam

Many people may wonder why I should not wear contacts during my eye exam. Maybe they are all so excited at the thought of having a crystal clear vision without the need for glasses. There are a few other benefits as well. For example, most eye doctors that practice in Toronto offer the option to take my university examination using contact lenses or glasses instead. This helps students make campus life more comfortable while studying.

Now, let’s discuss why I should not wear contacts during my eye exam. Although many Toronto eye doctors do strongly recommend the use of contacts during the eye exam, the health risks are too great. Contacts can break and become dislodged, and may even tear away from the eye. This can cause pressure on the eye, which can be extremely painful.

In addition to the breaking of the contacts or the tearing of the lenses, there is a chance that the eyes themselves may become strained during the exam. The eye doctor may have to cut away some of the tissue to keep the eye from closing. It is possible that vision may be impaired in that area and that is why I should not wear contacts during the eye exam.

In addition to vision impairments, I may develop some serious problems due to having glasses on. Some of the vision impairments can become worse with glasses than they would have with lenses alone. The more severe the glasses, the less likely it is that vision may become blurred. This can lead to losing some of the peripheral vision and that can worsen my vision problems. Also, the stronger the frames, the more the glasses will pinch my eyes and hurt them.

Besides these two issues, there is also the issue that wearing contacts can make me more clumsy. If I am doing something like writing, or eating, then I may have to reach for the contact lens. This can be very inconvenient, because I will need all of my fingers to put the contacts back in. I have to remember that I have spent years treating my eyes with vitamin supplements and that it is much easier to take medication that way.

Along with all of the issues that I have mentioned above, there is a new issue that I have noticed. My vision may be getting better but my eyes are not as sensitive as they used to be. My eyes are not as numb as they used to be so when I do my activities, I feel like my eyes are working properly. I use to not even notice that I was taking a contact lens until I felt an intense pain in my eyes. Now, whenever I get nervous about talking to someone, I can hardly see them because the pain is so intense.

If you are having the same vision problems that I have, then I suggest that you start wearing contacts. You should not put off this decision because your vision is not good enough yet. Also, it is not going to be a big deal if you only wear partial lenses because your vision is still very good. In fact, you will probably end up losing some of your vision in the process.

All in all, I urge you to wear contact lenses because your eyes need them. It does not matter if you need a brand new set of prescription lenses. If you wear partial or full contact lenses, then your eye exam will not be too difficult. Just remember to do all of your research before you go into the eye exam room and know why you should not wear contacts during your eye exam.

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