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Choosing an Online College for Your NCLEX Test

Taking the NCLEX examination can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. I went through the same experience a few years ago, when I was preparing to take the NCLEX. I spent months studying and memorizing information, before taking the actual test in January 2021. I wish I had access to a study guide that would have allowed me to review and learn from my mistakes during the testing.

Fortunately for me, I have a few different options for studying now that I can take the NCLEX online. I recommend using one of three study guides. All are great, however, it is important to pay attention to which study guide you are using. My top three recommendations are detailed below.

Rocket Spanish – One of the most unique study guides available on the internet. It contains an audio tour of each step in the NCLEX, which will really help you develop study habits. It also includes practice tests and interactive quizzes. You can listen to conversations with successful NCLEX takers to see if the studying methods they use are similar to yours.

Testking – This is another excellent study guide available online. I like that they have an entire lesson plan that is dedicated to helping students prepare for the NCLEX. You will also receive personalized tips for successfully taking the NCLEX. The website also includes practice tests and quizzes that will help you understand how to properly answer questions on the NCLEX.

Testosterone Method – This guide has received mixed reviews. Some users have been very pleased with how effective this guide is while others say it is worthless. This guide gives you a customized study schedule and works around your busy schedule. It is easy to follow and is designed to help people take their examination in a very focused manner. Testosterone also has video lessons that will help you better understand how to take the NCLEX.

Testking – This review is a positive one because it contains tons of resources for those taking the NCLEX online. It has both text and audio lessons to help you succeed on the test. A good review will contain both text and audio lessons along with test-like situations to give you practice. Testking also has an instructor-based course that works around your schedule and includes practice exams for the test.

Rocket Spanish – This review is a mixed bag. Users say it is effective, but then go right back saying it is useless. Either way, users really love the visual learning experience and will do well taking the NCLEX. If you like video lessons, this review is a must read. It gives you tips and tricks to maximize your chances of success and gives you practice questions so you can ace the exam.

TestStuff – If you are a student, then this review is made for you. It reviews four different learning products that claim to be “the best” at taking the NCLEX exam online. It tests them against four different criteria: ease of use, actual exam results, bonuses offered, and customer service. Users say it is a great resource and easy to navigate, but not as good as the others. Be sure to take a look at the bonuses and customer service ratings before taking the exam.

Kaplan – If you want the most in depth information about taking the NCLEX then Kaplan is for you. They have an extensive review that takes into consideration all the bases of the exam. They cover all the different types of course you can take, from beginner lessons all the way up to advanced level classes. This review is definitely worth reading because of the huge amount of information they provide. Plus, the tests they run are easy to follow and won’t waste any time.

Smartosity – This is one of the newest products out there. It has received mixed reviews and is currently on a trial run. However, since it is new, the users have not had time to actually take a real exam and write a test on how they would evaluate the product. This is still a good resource to consider though and has received high marks from users.

These are three of the top resources to consider if you’re seriously thinking about taking the NCLEX exam online. Which one you choose will depend on how serious you are and how quickly you can decide if taking the test is right for you. You should also think about your budget and how much time you realistically have to study hard. You may also want to check the refund policy of each resource to make sure that you don’t get charged back for something you’ve already paid for. Also, don’t forget that taking the NCLEX is an essential step in taking the career path you have chosen so choose carefully.

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