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Online Strategic Management Test – Should You Take It?

I’ve been having a really tough time lately with the economy and need some advice on how to pay someone to take my online strategic management test for me. Recently, I took the S MBA online from an accredited online business school. It was a blast! I got great support from the instructors and had a blast passing the tests. Now that I have the S MBA, I’m looking for ways to finance it.

There are companies out there that will give you thousands of dollars to take their online strategic management assessments for free. They promise you’ll learn important business skills, develop problem solving strategies, and much more. These companies say they will teach you everything you need to know about running a successful business. All they want is your email address and contact details.

I’m thinking this is a scam but there are still some good ones out there. Before you pay anyone to take my online strategic management test for you, check them out first. Make sure they’re accredited by the relevant board. Don’t pay anything until you’re sure. Here’s a great trick you can use to check them out:

First, I’d like to tell you about one particular company who I used to take my online strategic management test for me. Their site looked pretty legit and they claimed they were from one of the top universities in the country. Their website didn’t really give any information about what university they were from or where their college is. It was very vague stuff.

When I signed up for the trial period, I honestly thought nothing of it. They said it would last for 7 days and that it would be an easy one. I paid and within 3 days I got an email saying that my membership has been canceled due to “unsuccessful completion of your request”. I didn’t even know what the cancelation meant. They didn’t tell me why they did it or what I should do to fix it, all they told me was that they could not get me to agree to their terms of service.

This company had the distinct advantage of being an affiliate of BCG – one of the biggest names in global business. They also had a really good reputation. All the affiliates in their database have taken the exact same tests, which means that they’ve all gone through the exact same curriculum and have all shown themselves to be competent in meeting the requirements of the jobs they’re applying for. So why did they suddenly decide that it wasn’t suitable for me? I’m still not sure.

The next company that I signed up for took a little longer than the first, but still managed to get the job. Their application asked simply for a list of my three most recent college courses. It asked if I was a member of any professional organizations, of which there are thousands. They didn’t ask if I had ever suffered from depression, heart problems, or cancer. They just wanted to know if I was all right mentally and able to think and reason properly.

They also wanted to know about my hobbies, interests, and any other information that might be relevant to the job. And that was the whole enchilada. After filling out the forms, the prospective manager called and gave me a list of questions to answer. At that point I realized that they were looking for some kind of weakness in me to be exploited for my lack of strategic planning. But in the end, I decided that taking the online strategic management test for me was worth it and got the job.

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