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Computer Science: An Interrelated Discipline

Computer science is the study of algorithmically combined computational processes, computer systems and also computation itself. As a very broad discipline, computer science encompasses a broad range of topics from very theoretical studies of algorithm, digital computing and data to the more practical matters of implementing such computational systems in software and hardware. The field is considered very important due to its interdependence with many other disciplines, which makes it an interesting area to study. It has therefore become imperative for students to obtain the appropriate grades in order to succeed in their course of studies.

The study of computer science therefore requires students to have a thorough grounding in all the relevant areas. This may take the form of acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or some other course that covers all the material needed to qualify as a computer engineer or software developer. A Master’s degree is required by most employers in the field as well as in most software development companies. Further advanced programs take one to two years to complete, depending on the area studied and the number of modules completed within a given time period. A PhD is a doctorate degree that requires extensive research in an applied area and is usually achieved after a four-year college or university program.

Computers have revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives including business, science, medicine and even aviation. Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics are transforming how we do practically everything. As we continue to progress towards ever-higher levels of complexity in software and hardware development, computer science will also progress at a rapid pace. The field has already produced many famous scientists and engineers, such as Alan Turing, who revolutionized the field of mathematics by finding a solution to a well-known problem. Since then, computers and technology have become an essential part of everyday life and many jobs involve developing and maintaining computer systems.

Computers are used for data analysis, design and creation, computer security, numerical analysis and programming. Algorithms play an integral role in how computers process information, much like an organized system. Data structures, on the other hand, are collections of these algorithms and data structures. Algorithms are highly-functional, which makes them very demanding when it comes to memory and storage capacity. Computer systems with large amounts of memory and storage capacity to perform better than those with a limited amount of both.

Before computers were manufactured, most early computer science projects used analog devices that required a significant amount of physical space. Throughout the late 1960s, digital, electronic projectors revolutionized the field. These projectors utilized semiconductor elements called diodes, which allowed them to function using electric currents. This made them much faster and cheaper than earlier electrical engineering projectors. Digital devices also had higher transfer rates, allowing information to be transmitted from one electronic component to another at speeds comparable to telephone lines.

Similar to electrical engineering, computer graphics technology was also evolving during the early 1950s. Graphics involved manipulating pictures using computers in order to create order out of chaos using image processing techniques. Some early developments in this field included Orthogonal GEM (an example is CATIA), which is a geometric image processing technique; and Turbo Chess, which is a game using a finite state machine (Finite element analysis). Computer graphics gave birth to image processing, which involves using various images to manipulate digital data. The evolution of computer graphics gave birth to 3D graphics, which is still a popular field today.

Computer animation is one of the newer developments in computer science and its application to the business world. It uses real images and digital sound to create a moving picture using a computer. Examples of computer animation include computer games, video games, movies, cartoons, and television shows. Animation has changed drastically since the early 1950s, when comic strip characters such as Mickey Mouse and animation cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh first appeared.

In order to become successful in computer science, an individual must possess several interrelated disciplines. These include software engineering, computer science, computer programming, and artificial intelligence. In order to excel in any of these fields, a student must have talent, which can be developed through self-taught or acquired through a combination of formal and informal education. Graduates of reputable colleges and universities with prestigious Computer Engineering Programs (CEP) are in high demand in the job market today.

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