Why Credit Card Companies Will Not Help You When You Take My Money and Modern Capitalism Fails to Provide a Solution

“Modern capitalism” is the buzzword these days and yet when I took my university examination I was actually struck by how little I knew about this supposedly new and improved method of wealth transfer. After all, the title of the course was “Take My Money and Modern Capitalism.” It would have been more sensible to take my money and simply invest it in some sort of investment portfolio or trust fund. Instead, I found that the only way to access capital was to take a loan from a lending institution, and then pay it back with interest over the years as they promised. That is the very opposite of modern capitalism.

In the 21st century, to take my money and modern capitalism is to be an investor, not a creditor. This seems obvious to me because I can see the obvious answer right before me. If I want to take my money and invest it in an asset that will generate an income for me over time, then that is the answer. With such an obvious answer, why are so many people confused? There are several reasons for this confusion but the most important one has to be access to funds.

The problem many people run into when they try to take my money and modern capitalism is that they cannot easily access funds. Perhaps they have no collateral to offer a bank or are tied up with expensive day to day costs. Whatever the reason, most people are unable to access capital on the basis of simple income from employment or business venture.

This lack of access prevents them from being able to take my money and modern capitalism therefore does not work. Without capital, the concept of modern capitalism as we know it breaks down. Capital cannot flow forward because there are no sources of finance. And without finance, capital cannot flow either meaning that it cannot grow.

Therefore, the concept of take my money and modern capitalism does not work. Rather, there is only access to power and wealth through credit. That is, the ability to borrow money at low interest rates and pay it back later at high interest rates. There is also the potential to leverage one’s assets (a debt) at high interest rates thus creating more debt. All of this growth in debt inevitably leads to hyperinflation which is runaway inflation caused by runaway inflation.

In short, take my money and modern capitalism is dead in its first chapter. Because of this, those who seek to take my money and use it in their own profit seeking ventures are greatly mistaken. Instead, the only true way to take my money and modern capitalism is through the use of credit.

Credit can be used to leverage your assets and the funds of others. This leverage can then be applied to new purchases with relatively low initial payments or lower interest rates. The overall payment will then increase as a result of using credit to finance these new purchases. The end result? Capital accumulation through credit card use!

So, why does take my money and modern capitalism fail so miserably? It fails because in the final analysis, it does not provide a solution for people when they are in need of money. Rather, it just makes the problems of individuals and families worse. Rather than take my money and modern capitalism, it is better to look towards credit card use as the only real way to take my money and modern capitalism.